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JO Dentistry: Virtual surgery Intelligence & Cone-Beam CT

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Proefhoevestraat 12, Melle
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Junior Orsi Dentistry VSI and Cone-Beam CT

Junior Orsi Dentistry is proud to announce our first dentistry event of the year:
“VSI and Cone-Beam CT”.

This event will take place at Orsi Academy in Melle on Wednesday October 6th. You will be welcome from 18h45 and will enjoy presentations about several exciting topics.

Dirk Neefs will talk about the applications of VSI (Virtual Surgery Intelligence) followed by a multidisciplinary approach to Cone-Beam CT by endodontist Diedrik Storme and periodontist Maarten Glibert.

Hopefully we can expect all of you on October 6th! See you then! 

The Junior Orsi Dentistry team